9 Nov 2012

Kejriwal comes up with list of Indian citizens having stashed money in Swiss banks

New Delhi:(Page3 News Network)-Social activist Arvind Kejriwal has come up with a list of Indian citizens having stashed money in Swiss banks. Addressing the media in New Delhi today, Kejriwal said if the government takes pro-active steps to retrieve the black money, it can be utilized to improve the country’s economic situation. Kejriwal claimed that according to his information nearly 700 Indian citizens have parked black money in various Swiss banks to the tune of 6000 crore rupees. He accussed that prominent people and business groups which have stashed money abroad include Reliance Industries, Jet Airways and Dabur. He alleged that the government is not serious in bringing back the black money.
Meanwhile, Reliance Industry has dismissed the charge as baseless. The company in a statement said neither reliance nor Mukesh Ambani have any illegitimate accounts anywhere in the world. They charged Kejriwal of continuing a tirade of baseless allegations reportedly instigated by vested interests. Jet airways while refuting the allegations said, there is no foreign bank account in the name of Company Chief Naresh Goyal. It said, all incometax enquiries regarding a company owned by them over the issue have been satisfactorily replied. Dabur in a statement said that the foreign bank accounts of some of its family members were opened when they were non-resident Indians and were legally allowed to open such accounts.

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